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Products No. Hopeland C122
Name:Vortex Mixer
Equipment Picture
Vortex Mixer is an ideal experimental tool for laboratry chemists of schools, environment protection, research, sanitation, immunisation, petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical and foodstuff organizations.
Some chemical reaction is big but requires little solution and pipet shaker speed. Also the mixing can only be carried out in test tube, colorimetric tube and medium and small triangle bottles.This instrument is a ideal one for these kinds of reaction. It not only solves the problem which stirrer can¡ät settle, but also saves lots of labour while the effect is more obvious.
Technical Parameter
Power: AC 220V 50HZ
Motor power: 40W
Vibration Frequency: 30-50HZ
Application Method

Turn on the switch. The machine starts to work.The solution had better not surpass 1/2 of the test tube and colorimetric tube.When much solution is needed,use the triangle bottle. The pressure of your hand can adjust the mixing speed of the solution in the test tube.
Use proper ground connection;
Put the tube in the center;
Operating and maintanting correctly can prolong the life of Mixer
Cut off the power and clean the centrifuge if you don¡¯t use the Mixer for a long time.
One year's guarantee and lifelong maintainance.

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