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Products No. Hopeland C124
Name: Industrial Chiller
Equipment Picture
Industrial chiller widely used in the plastic industry, extrusion, injection mold, electronic manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food processing, ultrasonic cleaning cooling, industrial and printing industries. It can precisely control the temperature needed for the production, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. Is simple, rational design, excellent quality, specifications full range is modern production indispensable companion. In addition, the machine can also be used in factory premises, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and so the size of the civil construction industry and environmental air-conditioning systems.
Technical Parameter
R22 R407C
Model Power(Kw) Model Power(Kw)
03AS 8.4 03AS 8.51
05AS 13.6 05AS 13.53
08AS 21.2 08AS 21.12
10AS 28.6 10AS 27.61
12AS 32.3 12AS 31.68
15AS 42.4 15AS 39.67
20AS 59.1 20AS 56.43
20AD 57.2 20AD 55.22
25AD 64.7 25AD 63.36
30AD 84.8 30AD 79.33
40AD 118.1 40AD 112.86
1. Control the temperature acurately
2. Easy operation
3. Reasonable design
4. High quality
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