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Products No. Hopeland C126
Product Name: Full-automatic continuous low-temperature Vacuum dryer
Equipment Picture
Full-automatic continuous low-temperature Vacuum dryer is a new-concept high-efficency energy-saving drying machine successfully developed by MJ technical staff after they compared the advantages and shortcomings of the conventional spray drying and freezing drying.

During product drying proecess of pharmaceutical, traditional chinese medicine,chemical,foodstuff and health product industries, spray drying is beneficial for cost-saving but leads the damage of product¡¯s solubility, primary taste and powder shape, and can not dry the product of high viscosity and thermal sensitivity. The convential freezing drying can gain the product of preserved solubility and high quality,but production volume is low and production cost is high.

full-automatic continuous low-temperature Vacuum dryer¡¯s technical index is between that of spraying dryer and of freezing dryer, and MJ dryer can make the dried product¡¯s internal part forms porosity, and preserve the product¡¯s original quality and good appearance. Because of drying in the low temperature state, the dryer can also fulfill requirements of large part of heat sensitive materail.

full-automatic continuous low-temperature Vacuum dryer can solve the technical problem of continuous material feeding and discharging in vacuum state and transfer the static drying into dynamic drying, and remarkably increase the drying production volume and simultaneously reduce the production cost sharply.

full-automatic continuous low-temperature Vacuum dryer is especially fit for drying high viscosity, high fat and high sugar material, and can simultaneously keep the product quality stability and consistency.
Technical features
1£®continuous feeding and discharging in vacuum state, and feeding amount can be adjusted as required
2£®heating system can adopt steam, hot water or heat conduction oil.
3£®drying tempeture can be adjusted from 25¡æ-80¡æ, the discharging begins 30-60 minutes later after feeding
4£®conveying belt(or band) is made of teflon material,its running is smoothly,reliably and heating area is well-proportioned. The advance speed of belt is adjustable. The belt layers can also be set from 2 to 5 according the production requirement.
5£®the dryer is fit for drying liquid, paste,powder and granulated material by using defferent material injection device.
6£®the dryer has been equiped with automatic pulverizing system in vacuum state, the pulverizing system¡¯s mesh number can be set according to the customer¡¯s need.
7£®the dryer also has CIP online cleaning system to accomplish automatic cleaning work quickly and conveniently.
8£®high quality vacuum system has been adopted and its matching with the whole system was carefully designed, so it can keep the continuous high-capacity speed of exhaust and stable vacuum degree.
9£®the whole system is of low energy comsumption, no three wastes and low noise.
10£®the dryer wholly complies with the GMP certification requirements.

The main advantages

¡¤The whole process flow can be finished automaticly, hermeticly, continuously and programmed.
¡¤The drying process is completed in vacuum and low temperature state, thermal-sensitive material can keep their quality unchanged and has no chance to contact bacterium.
¡¤The dryer is fit for high drying difficulty(high hydration) material¡¯s drying.
¡¤Moisture content of material after drying can be ajusted.
¡¤Energy comsumption of the dryer is only 1/3 of that consumed by spraying dryer of the same production volume.
¡¤The dryer adopts the PLC and touchable screen operation control system.
¡¤The dryer is well designed and has compact form, can be installed and tested easily in wide working conditon.

Technical parameters

Type Diameter
Moisture content of feeding material
Moisture content after dried
Water evaporating capacity
Dryer electrical
Matched heat source Cleaning pressure
C126-100-1 1000 5000 2200 20-150 20-80 1¡«4 2¡«3 4.00 Steam
hot water
hot oil
C126-100-2 1200 6500 2500 20-80 1¡«4 5¡«10 4.08 0.3~1.0
C126-100-3 1400 6500 2500 20-80 1¡«4 10¡«15 5.00 0.3~1.0
C126-101-3 2200 10500 3500 20-80 1¡«4 20¡«30 6.00 0.3~1.0
C126-101-4 2200 10500 3500 20-80 1¡«4 25¡«40 7.10 0.3~1.0
C126-101-5 2200 10500 3500 20-80 1¡«4 30¡«50 12.00 0.3~1.0
C126-102-4 2200 12600 3500 20-80 1¡«4 40¡«60 12.00 0.3~1.0
C126-102-5 2200 12600 3500 20-80 1¡«4 60¡«80 14.00 0.3~1.0
C126-103-4 2200 15000 3500 20-80 1¡«4 70¡«90 14.50 0.3~1.0
C126-103-5 2200 15000 3500 20-80 1¡«4 80¡«100 15.50 0.3~1.0
C126-103-6 2200 15000 4000 20-80 1¡«4 90¡«120 16.50 0.3~1.0
C126-103-8 2800 17000 4500 20-80 1¡«4 140¡«160 18.50 0.3~1.0
C126-103-10A 2800 17000 4500 20-80 1¡«4 160¡«200 25.50 0.3~1.0
C126-103-10B 2800 17000 4500 20-80 1¡«4 180¡«220 25.50 0.3~1.0
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