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Products No. Hopeland C127
Product Name: Ultra Low Temperature Vacuum Concentrator
Equipment Picture
Ultra low temperature vacuum concentrator is a new style of concentrating equipment developed by us these years,it can mainly be used in pharmacy、foodstuff、biology、chemical industry which requires high demand of heat sensitivity for the dewatering concentration ,the concentration temperature is between 20-40℃,and can be adjusted according to the process engineering, our equipment successfully changes the traditional concentration process which needs high temperature、a long time、easy denaturation of the raw material、easy scale formation during concentration 、poor fluidity after concentration or no concentration at all。Because of the low evaporation temperature of the raw material in our equipment, the maximum amount of active ingredients can be kept, so as to satisfy the demand of our clients for the low temperature concentration of their raw material。
Working Principle
Our ultra low temperature vacuum concentrator reduces the evaporation temperature of the raw thin material by high vacuum degree,we design the spinning roller in our evaporator,using the hot water in the bottom of the evaporator and inside the spinning roller,the continuous spinning of the roller increases the heating area and heating ability of the equipment,resulting the thin film evaporation,the raw thin material continuously contacts the surface of the spinning roller and is heated to evaporate,and fulfill the concentration process under the vacuum state with continuous feed-in and discharge-out。
Main features
1.Continuous feed-in and discharge-out under vacuum state
2.Concentration process with channelization、continuity、automation
3.Evaporation under ultra low temperature keeps the active ingredients of the raw material
4.The temperature can be adjusted(20-40℃)
5.The concentration of the material is unrestricted under the condition of fluidity
6.Online test of concentration,auto discharge-out when available
7.With CIP system、quick speed、no dead corner、thorough cleaning
8.Solvents can be recovered during process
9.The whole equipment is in conformity with GMP requirements
Technical parameters
Type C127-NS-3 C127-NS-5 C127-NS-10 C127-NS-15 C127-NS-20
Heating Area(㎡) 3 5 10 15 20
Water Evaporation(kg/h) 40-80 60-120 130-250 250-380 260-500
Working Vacuum(MPa) -0.098 -0.098 -0.098 -0.098 -0.098
Heating method (Hot water) (Hot water) (Hot water) (Hot water) (Hot water)
Evaporation temperature(℃) 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40
Density before concentration 只要有流动性,浓缩比不受限制(With fluidity, density not restricted)
Power consumption(kw) 3.9 5.2 6 8.5 11
Weight(kg) 2200 2750 3400 3800 4200
Outer size(m) 3.8×1×3.6 5.2×1×4.2 6.5×1.2×4.2 6.5×1.2×4.5 6.5×1.4×4.6
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