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Keywords:Lab Rreeze Dryer,Freeze Drying,Lyophilizer
Products No.Hopeland C109
Name:Lab Freeze Dryer
Equipment Picture
Mainly applied for pharmaceutical research and development, as well as test process data before mass production take place, The ice capacity is from 4.8KG to 10 KG, For common refrigeration system, the lowest temperature of shelves can reach to -50 ,and condenser with -70 . With cascade refrigerant system the shelf can lower than -60 , while condenser lower than -80. It can apply for wider product freeze drying. With compact design, and four wheelers on the base frame, the machine is easily used in most of environment.
Technical Parameter
Type LM-0.2 LM-0.4 LM-0.6
Shelf area (m2) 0.24 0.40 0.60
Shelf size ( L*W*T)(mm) 400*300*13 450*300*13 500*300*13
Useable Shelf No. 2 3 4
Vial loading quantity 16 980 1660 2460
Vial loading quantity 22 500 875 1300
Inter. Shelf distance(mm) * 100 100 100
Ice capacity (KG) 4 8 10
Shelf ultimate cooling temperature()(air/water/cascade cooling system) -45/-50 /-60 -45/-50 /-60 -45/-50 /-60
Condenser ultimate cooling temperature() (air/water/cascade cooling system) -60/-70 /-80 -60/-70 /-80 -60/-70 /-80
Ultimate vacuum(Pa) 1.0 1.0 1.0
Installation dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1350*950*2010 2000*1200*2400 2100*1200*2600
Weight(Kg) 600 1000 1500
Power (KW) 4 5 7
Compact design, reliability running under high performance, vacuum or air filled stoppering, eutectic device detector are available. Easily inspect with fully organic glass chamber door, Control system designed with multi-recipe, user can choose different recipe for test freeze drying process. Minimum utility-only the electrical power is required. User can easily handle all the maintenance and operation in any case.
Customer option:
Cascade refrigeration system, ice condenser can reach to -80
Eutectic point detector
Inter-shelf distance adjust mechanism
Vacuum or air filled stoppering (with pressure adjustable, upward or downward direction)
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