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Products No. Hopeland C112
Name:PH Meter
Equipment Picture
Technical Parameter

1. Measuring range
   pH:    (0.00~14.00) pH
   mV:    (-1999~1999) mV
   Temp.: (0.0~100.0)
2. Resolution
    pH: 0.01pH
    mV: 1mV
    Temp.: 0.1
3. Accuracy
    pH: 0.01pH1bit
    mV: 0.1%mV (FS) 1bit
    Temp.: 0.51bit
4.Input impedance: 11012
5.Stability: 0.01pH1bit/3h
6.Temperature compensation range: (0.0~60.0)
7.Temperature of the solution measured: (0~60)


1. 3 1/2 LED 
2. Manual and automatic temperature compensation function 
3. Two-points calibration 
4. With CE certification

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