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Products No. Hopeland C115
Name:Steam Generator
Equipment Picture
HX series of automatic electrical heating steam generators is an ideal steam generator for industry of garment washing and food manufacture. The product is featured by its compact structure, small size and easy operation.
Working Principle
The principle of this kind of spraying drying atomizer is that liquid materials are thrown out and atomized by centrifugal force from the edge of the dish that is rotating at high speed(linear speed at 90 to 160 m/s).The whole system adopts such a style to dry, that is, hot air medium open circulation plus materials flowing concurrently.
Technical Parameter
Model Unit HX-3.5D-I HX-7.5-I HX-7.5D- HX-9D-I HX-24D-0.7
Rated Evaporation Kg/h 5 10 10 12 24
Rated Current A 16 34 34 41 82
Rated Voltage V 220 220 220 220 380
Rated Pressure MPa 0.4-0.7
Steam Temperature 151-173
Power of Pump V 36 36 36 36 220
Caliber of Steam Pipe mm DN8 DN8 DN8 DN8 DN25
1. Consists of heater, feed-water system, control system and shell.
2. High heating efficiency, for components of heater are immerged into the water.
3. Feed-water system applies stainless steel high-pressure gear pump, so it need not stop heating and lower the pressure in the process of feeding water.
4. The process of feeding water is very short and it would not influence the steam pressure.
5. The alarm would stop heating and feeding water when boiler is lack or out of water.
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