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Products No. Hopeland C117
Name:Ultrafiltration Membrane Concentration Equipment
Equipment Picture
The device is a separation equipment, applicable to the various solvents such as water, methanol, ethanol solution (or the three materials mixed in any proportion) which should has good fluidness and not too high concentration generally, and should be pretreated by filter with more than 80 mesh. The following materials are not applicable:
Gelatin form, pasty form or poor fluidness solution;
suspension contains much particles (especially hard particles) will reduce the life of mechanical seal of the pump and the membrane tube, so it is suggested to do appropriate pretreatment (such as frame filtering, centrifuge separation, or stainless-steel mesh or natural subsidence, etc.) to reduce the particle content;
Strong corrosive liquids to stainless steel, such as hydrochloric acid./td>
Working Principle
The ceramic composite membrane is the asymmetric membrane made from inorganic ceramic material with a special technology, microspores tubular structure (the membrane tube of the equipment has 19 channels, 30mm diameter and 1016mm length) with microspores covering the filter layer of pipe wall. The working principle of the equipment with ceramic composite membrane is cross-flow filtration and to be driven by pressure.
Under external pressure, feed fluid flows in the membrane channel, solvent and small soluble molecule material can permeate through the membrane to form the permeation fluid, and the soluble macromolecular material and suspension will be intercepted to form the concentrated fluid back to material bucket, then the pressure of it is elevated by the circulating pump, and it enters into the channel to recycle. The concentration of the intercepted fluid will gradually increase with the continuous permeating outflow, and ultimately flow from the material bucket or pipeline system, to obtain the purified and concentrated fluid. Generally, the quantity of the circulating fluid is much greater than that of the permeation fluid./td>
Technical Parameter
Total filtering area:/td> 0.25m2 4 = 1.0 m2/td>
Filtering accuracy:/td> 200nm/td>
Design temperature:/td> -10C~150C/td>
Design pressure:/td> 0.10Mpa~0.35Mpa/td>
PH range:/td> 0~14/td>
Minimum quantity of feed:/td> 15L/td>
Narrow distribution of pore size, high efficiency separation, stabile filtering;
Good chemical stability, and resistant to strong acid, alkali and oxidants;
resistant to high temperature and can be sterilized by the high-temperature steam;
strong anti-pollution ability, membrane easy to clean, better regeneration performance;
no second dissolution during separation process, and not bring any impact on the separation materials;
special membrane materials and membrane technology to maintain long-term stability;
long service life of the membrane tube;
Membrane tube of different accuracy is interchangeable./td>
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