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Products No. Hopeland C118
Name:Water Softener
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Technical Parameter

1. Filtration technics: high performance positive ion softener resin + quartz sand +KDF + activation ball.+SUS filtration net
2. Outer shape dimension: 200495mm 
3. Initial flow rate: 1000 L/H 
4. Applicable water source: Municipal tap water
5. Influx water pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa.
6. Applicable temperature: 5-45.
7 Useful life: three years
8. Effluent water quality: Better than<> (GB5749-2001), at the same time, the level of the sense and microorganism can reach to <> GB17324-2003.


1. The positive ion softener resin removes calcium and magnesium effectively, and keeps the hardness of water below 5ppm.
2. It can remove the silt, rust, suspended substance, residual chlorine, heavy metal, and inhibit the grow of bacteria, virus etc.
3. You can choose what size that you need, we can supply different model for you.
4. Compare with same products, Aoliyuan supply you the bigger capacity and economical water.

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